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Sports Technology

Drive for Excellence
Driven by its Quest for Excellence Leiten offers you cutting edge & custom built analytic software and services for various sports. Harnessing the knowledge and expertise acquired through our associations with various national and international teams we provide in-depth analysis and data metrics with absolute precision. Our comprehensive Athlete Analytic Software is scientifically designed for holistic analysis and offers key insights into athlete wellness, workload, health, and performance, ultimately increasing athlete participation and effective performance.

Trend Setter in Technology
Leiten believes in being a trend setter and has proven to be one with its marked efforts to elevate sports Technology with the use of HD videos in match analysis. HD videos provide deeper and better insight into the finest details of the game. We are proud to be the first to integrate this path-breaking technique into sports technology. Equipped with better insights into the game we provide you with real time reports for accurate match analysis.

Why Leiten Technologies?
Leiten had the golden opportunity to be associated with the best in business - Top Teams in National and International circuits. This rich experience of exploring the fine nuances of various sports coupled with our strong technological knowledge we offer you the best Sports analysis software, sports academic software, independent data analytics and metrics. We help you effectively manage the different key elements of athlete performance like - Training, Health & Diet, Injury & Wellness and so on. With Leiten you are assured of overall ease of tem management, better athlete engagement and enhanced sports performance.

Our Goal

Customers First
Leiten strongly believes that there is only one boss and that is "Our Customer". We consider our customers to be our greatest asset and our biggest inspiration. A satisfied client is our biggest asset and the one who spots scope for improvement is our biggest inspiration. Our motive is our client's 100% satisfaction and we strive relentless towards it.

Game Changer
Leiten's Sports Analytic Software and Sports Academic Software have exercised a very positive change in the field of sports Technology. A clear understanding of the various games acquired through years of acquaintance with top coaches and players combined with expertise in leading technology trends give Leiten the leading edge to be a Game Changer.

Data Driven Decisions
Leiten understands that data is useful only when you have the means to translate it into insights that drive your Sports performance. Leiten ensures that your critical sports data is effectively translated into intelligence which finally results in intelligent decisions.

Smart Technology to Rescue
Leiten has built its credibility solely based on its innovative products and powerful technology. Our Sports analytics software and Sports academics software offer the best of both worlds - latest technology trends and sports intelligence. With this right combination we deliver key sports insights for improved performance.

Expertise at Helm
Leiten is aware of the fact that data drives power only when it is coupled with business intelligence. We have the best brains at work that analyze facts & figures, apply sports intelligence and offer you key game insights.

Focused leadership
Leiten's leadership is devoted to the cause of delivering Sports Software that would shape the future of sports. Sports expertise and Technological skill are combined to deliver cutting edge solutions that make athlete engagement effective and highly productive. Every aspect of sports management is looked into and we strategize the right management solution, Our Cricket Analysis Software (CAP) and our Sports Analytic Software are testimonial to this fact.

CAP - A Complete Cricket Coding Application

CAP - Cricket Analysis Pro

Product Description
The most effective way for a performance analyst to code a cricket match with HD videos and real time data comes in the form of our windows based cricket coding application - "CAP", Cricket Analysis Pro. The software offers efficient features for different key functionalities like match analysis, scoring, live video scorecard and video streaming. It offers comprehensive reports offering key data insights for the management and also interactive web pages for users/fan engagement. A mobile version of this reporting portal is "CAP REPORT", an user friendly Android application offering match details / reports on the go. The application offers both summary and detailed information coupled with videos and customized as per the client requirements. The mobile application is a highly beneficial feature for the players / coach / administrators and organization on the whole which eliminates the dependency on the match coding professional for sports analytics. videos based on the client requirements and product package.

APT - A Comprehensive Athlete Analytic Software

APT - Alpha Pro Tracker

Product Description
A Web-enabled application that provides a holistic picture of athlete's performance. Alpha Pro Tracker monitors, analyzes and reports the different factors that influence on field performance like Nutrition & Wellness, Training, Injury and Treatment, etc. Sports research indicates that a holistic approach of monitoring athlete's day to day activities on a macro level, deriving key data insights and devising the right athlete training & Coaching strategy eliminates the risks of injuries, burnout and under-performances. This ultimate goal is well accomplished through Alpha Pro Tracker (APT), a comprehensive Athlete Analytic Software. This easy to use application is scientifically designed and 100% customizable according to your sports requirement. The software continuously monitors the athlete's on-field and off-field indicators and risk factors and provides vital data points about the athlete on a daily basis. Our comprehensive Athletic Analytics Software helps to devise the right coaching strategy eliminating the risks of over training, under training, injuries and ensures the most optimal Athlete Engagement.

Few of Our Associates

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